Proven Track Record of Public Service. 

When I was 17, I took an oath to defend this Nation and I took that oath seriously. I am a Disabled Veteran and received two Honorable Discharges from the United States Army. I have worked for the City of Newport Beach City Attorney's Office where I was heavily involved in Municipal Law and assisting the City Attorney in properly advising City Council and the Mayor.

While working for the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD), my job was to file claims for unemployment benefits, in accordance with all applicable laws. However, I went above and beyond the call of duty and made sure that claimants not only received proper service but also ensured they did not get the short end of the stick or just fall through the cracks. I made it my mission to make sure everyone got every dime they were entitled to.  I strongly believe laws were put in place to help us, not harm us. Working for EDD led to a job with the  U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) as a Federal Agent (DVOP) where I assisted Disabled Veteran's in receiving benefits they were legally entitled to. In that position I helped every Disabled Veteran I came in contact with and not just the ones who would make government progress reports look good at the end of the month. I made sure those who were injured serving in the United States Military were treated like human beings and not just another number in someone's report.

I also worked for the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles as a Judicial Assistant Trainee. That position taught me about courtroom procedures, provided in depth training and experience in both criminal and civil law, as well as helping me become comfortable with the policies and procedures in a courtroom. I also gained experience working for Silver & Wright LLP, a private law firm, where I drafted numerous Complaints and Corporate Summons, while engaged in both the criminal and civil sides of Municipal Law, including extensive work with Receiverships.

Prior to my legal career I was a professional musician. So, I am also very familiar with the entertainment industry.

Academic Achievements.

I have an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and graduated magna cum laude from Saddleback College. I also graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from California State University, Fullerton, where I also completed two minors in Political Science and Law, Politics, & Society. After undergraduate, I attended law school in Munich, Germany, where I studied Comparative Intellectual Property Law and in the United States, where I graduated with my Juris Doctor (law degree) from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, with a Concentration in Criminal Justice.



Clayton K. - Corporate Law Case - December 7, 2016
Thoughtful and thorough. I can;t say enough about Mr. Stevenson's work. My project was well researched and presented to me exactly as I had prescribed. I highly recommend Mr Stevenson to anyone needing quality legal services.

Michelle W. - Health Care Law Case - December 10, 2016
Mr. Stevenson's law firm worked with us addressing government concerns outside of litigation. His deep expertise and experience were invaluable in navigating the numerous decisions required during a stressful time. I highly recommend Mr. Stevenson.

Jonathan F. - Corporate Law Case - December 14, 2016
He was very informative and prompt.

Ralph A. - Corporate Law Case - December 25, 2016
Professional and honest!
Always a great experience working with MavEryck. He's a HUGE value for any legal needs you have. He's professional, honest, trustworthy and will always provide the best legal help you can find.

Michael P. - Family/Medical Release Paperwork Case - December 26, 2016
He was very helpful, and very knowledgeable, regarding this entire process. I really appreciated his professionalism, as well as his understanding of our specific concerns.
My fiancé would refer him without hesitation.
Thank you MavEryck,

Anonymous - Alimony Case - December 31, 2016
He drove to meet me, which was very convenient... also great price, would recommend...

Anonymous  - Durable Power of Attorney Case - January 1, 2017
MavEryck was professional, affordable, and timely in getting our papers to us. We would absolutely recommend him to our friends.

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