The Law Offices of

MavEryck Langford Stevenson, Esq.

 We do it all and we do it well!

The Law Offices of MavEryck Langford Stevenson, Esq. (“MLS ESQ”) provide premium legal services to all clients in an ethical and professional manner.  The vision at MLS ESQ is every client should receive the highest degree of care and attention.  MLS ESQ puts the interests of our clients first.

We at MLS ESQ believe in exceeding expectations by actively listening to our clients, looking for creative ways to solve problems and improve lives, and delivering the highest caliber work to clients in a timely manner.  We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our services, not only the results.


* Anti-Trust           * Dog Bites

* Bankruptcy         * DUI

* Business              * Elder Law

* Car Accidents      * Entertainment

* Civil Litigation    * Environmental

* Collections           * Family Law

* Criminal Law       * General Practice

* Divorce                 * Healthcare,

                                   Hospital & 

                                   Medical Practice

* Immigration                        

* Insurance                           

* Intellectual Property          

 - (Copyright & Trademark)  

* International Law                

* Juvenile Law                      

* Labor and Employment      

* Military Law

* Municipal Law 

* Personal Injury

* Legal Malpractice

* Real Estate Transactions

* Real Property

* Social Security

* Tax Law

​* Tort Litigation